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Here's why you should attend TLI

Welcome Class of 2018 to the Toastmasters Year

Class is back in session and Back to Basics. Your schedule includes a variety of hearty core classes (President, treasurer, etc) as well as some exciting electives! Check 'em out below!! But first ...


What did Kindergarten teach you? Numbers? Letters? Writing? You will not want to miss this riveting Key Note where Dana Vogelmeier teaches you the TRUE life lessons you learned in Kindergarten!

Electives (here are just a few!)

Club Success Plan
One of the most important tasks the Club Board completes is the Club Success Plan. But where do you start? With some guidance and dedicated time this session helps you start your Toastmasters' year off right!
Advanced Toastmaster-ing - Life after the CC/CL
So you have completed your Competent Communicator and Competent Leader, now what? In Toastmasters, we are always learning and growing in our communication and leadership skills. Find out what it takes to get the coveted Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award from someone who has done it. Tony Koury will be sharing all you need to know about advanced manuals, requirements for higher designations (ACB, ACS, ACG, ALB, ALS, DTM), and other projects (HPL Project, Club Coaching/Mentoring/Sponsoring, Better Speaker Series, Successful Club Series, Success/Leadership, Success/Communications, Speechcraft).
Effective Evaluations
Do you dread giving evaluations? Don't know where to start? We've got your back: learn time tested and effective methods to approach giving evaluations. In this fun and informative session, long time Toastmaster Matt Bartusek shares hints and tips for making your evaluations shine. You'll discover how your evaluations can more effectively help people, and you may even get good enough to enter the next evaluation contest!
We encourage all club officers to attend so they work together in developing a plan for their club. Leaving the TLI with renewed energy for the rest of the year, our officers can then bring their plan and that energy back to their members. Let us all focus on Leading the Way towards Distinguished. It is through that measure we know that our members are being served! ~Angie Mullin, Program Quality Director

Location & Directions

ISU College of Business Illinois State University 410 S University St Normal, Illinois 61790 Directions

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Sat. July 29, 2017 7:00 AM

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